The PayPal Search section in the OpenCart admin panel allows you to search for all the transactions made to your PayPal account. The section can be accessed under Sales > PayPal > Search.

Paypal dashboard

Note. For the PayPal Search section to work, you need to setup your PayPal Express Checkout account.

Searching transactions

After you click on the Search button under PayPal, you will see the Search section where you will have three main sub-sections.

The Search by date section allows you to find the transactions you need according to the time period they have been completed.

Search by date

The Transaction section gives you multiple fields to use for finding the transactions you need.


The field named Type contains all the transactions that can be made, as well as their status (e.g. Sent, Received, etc). The rest of the fields require specific information about a transaction, such as the Email addresses of the buyer and receiver, Receipt and Transaction ID, Invoice and Auction item number, Amount and type of currency as well as the Recurring Profile ID.

The Buyer Information section requires the personal details of the customer such as Salutation (Mr., Ms.), first, middle, last name and suffix (B.A., Ph.D.).

Buyer Information

When you are done filling out the required fields, click on the blue icon in the top right corner of the screen, named Search.

Search transactions

It will show you the transaction(s) affiliated with the information that you have input in the fields below.