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The following information is needed about a currency to add it to your store:

Currency Title * 設定語言統稱於管理者介面中顯示。
Code * 國際通用的貨幣編碼(ISO code for the currency),如不清楚新增的貨幣編碼,可前往貨幣換算查詢完整清單。
Symbol Left 貨幣於左方的符號
Symbol Right 貨幣於右方的符號
Decimal Places 店面價格中顯示該貨幣的小數位數目
Value The Default currency will be set to a value of 1. Every value of currency will be relative to this value. Since the US Dollar is 1.0 (the default), the Euro is tabulated to .81 for the value based on its worth. When OpenCart transitions between currencies in the store front, it will use the value number to calculate the prices of products in that new currency. OpenCart will update the currency values in the Local Tab under store settings if Auto Update Currency is enabled. Visit Settings for more information.
Status 啟用或隱藏商店的貨幣選項
* 為必填項目

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