Affiliate Commission Report

Affiliate Commission Report

The Affiliate Commission Report can be accessed from Reports>Affiliates>Commission in the administration. This report lets you keep track of the affiliates who are making a commission for referring customers to the store.

The Affiliate Commission Report displays the following information:

  • Affiliate Name: The name of the individual/company acting as an affiliate for the store.
  • E-mail: The e-mail for contacting the affiliate.
  • Status: Shows if the affiliate is enabled or disabled.
  • Commission: The commission amount made from a customer purchase.
  • No. Orders: The number of orders obtained through this affiliate.
  • Total: The total amount that this affiliate has earned through the affiliate program.

Clicking "Edit" under "Action" will direct you to the affiliate information form under Sales>Affiliates. Affiliates can be filtered through a date end and date start.