Customers Online

Customers Online

The section Customers Online Report is used to track the activities of the users you currently have online in your OpenCart store.

Important Note! If you do not see any people online, you need to go to System > Settings > Edit Store > Option, scroll down to Account and select Yes next to Customers Online.

To access the Customers Online Report section, click on Reports > Customers > Customers Online:

OpenCart Dashboard

Once you access the section you will see a filter allowing you to input an IP address and the customer's name you want to track.

Customers Online Report

The displayed results will contain the following:

IP: The IP address from which your customer is currently browsing your store.

Customer: The name of your OpenCart customer.

Last Page Visited: The page that your customer last visited before leaving.

Referer: The page your customer previously browsed.

Last Click: The time and date of the last click of the customer.

Action: The button under Action will allow you to access your customer’s account.